Letters: Briefly

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l MAY I clarify "Abortion campaigner shocked by figures" (26 October). I am not "shocked" by the number of medical abortions now, which are roughly in line with the illegal unskilled abortions estimated before the 1967 Act. I am shocked by the failure of the NHS to maintain family planning services and information that would reduce women's need of abortions.

Alastair Service, Avebury

l COULD one of the reasons for the demise of Custer and the 7th Cavalry ("The truth about Custer at last", Review, 26 October) be that it was the only military force comprised solely of left-handed cavalrymen? Or could the picture of Edgar S Paxson be the wrong way around? Then again, the left-handed Lakota seem to be doing OK.

Alan McGuffog

Nantwich, Cheshire

l I AM glad Frank Field "has been unable to produce workable formulas for abolishing means-tested benefits" ("Frank Field finds thinking the unthinkable is not enough", 26 October). If we are to reform social security, not simply implement cuts, then it is important that money goes to those who need it most, which implies means-testing.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby