Letters: Briefly

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Happily, Breughel's A Woman Taken in Adultery is in the safe hands of our curators rather than of thieves, as stated in your article about the 100 best paintings in Britain (Review, 26 January). It will shortly be on display here at the Courtauld Gallery, with our other major Breughel, Landscape with the Flight into Egypt, which you include in your 100 and which is currently in conservation.

John Murdoch

Courtauld Gallery, London WC2

In his review of Dumbing Down (Review, 26 January) Blake Morrison quotes a definition of middle-brow by Joseph Epstein. This begins "My own personal...". My definition of a low-brow is someone who begins a sentence with a multiple tautology.

Ron Gardner

Northwich, Cheshire

With reference to your brief news item about Sierra Leone ("Bees prevent female circumcisions", 26 January), I refuse to accept that the 100 girls you referred to were "taking part" in their own mutilation.

Dawn Middleton, Leeds

As the controversy rages over whether the millennium dome at Greenwich is a waste of money, might I suggest a way forward that might kill two birds with one stone: why not "The Millennium Prison"?

Tom Hardy, Surbiton, Surrey