Letters: Darren Who?

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YOU SAY that Susan Kramer "has been the only candidate" for London Mayor "to escape adverse publicity" ("The whole truth - until now", 21 November). The Green Party candidate, Darren Johnson, may have grounds for finding this statement defamatory, since he has for the most part escaped publicity of any kind. There is no prima facie justification for this neglect. His party and Susan Kramer's each gained one London MEP during the European election. Green issues, especially those relating to transport, will be at the centre of the coming contest. The most likely Conservative candidate has been an official spokesman of the road haulage lobby. The most likely Labour candidate is at odds with his own party over its proposed part-privatisation of the London Underground system. Perhaps it's time to look at what others have to say - and that doesn't just mean the Lib Dems.