Letters: France has not forgotten

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JOHN LICHFIELD's assertion that some young French may not know about Britain's participation in the First World War ("How easy it is to forget our friendship", 14 November) is as questionable as the survey that said that many young English students had never heard of Hitler and Mussolini. The French maintain the memory of their British, American, Canadian and other allies in the numerous cemeteries throughout the old battlegrounds of both world wars. There is no doubt that they recognise the key role played by the allies.

There is a monument in the Pyrennees close to where 50,000 allied soldiers passed to safety aided by the French resistance. Many of the veterans returned last year to celebrate the anniversary of their rescue. French television covered the event - but not a mention in Britain's media! British pilots shot down over France and rescued by French citizens will never forget such acts of courage, irrespective of the present ridiculous "French- bashing".


Frilford Heath, Oxfordshire