THE question "What are we going to do about Peter?" (8 March) is a good one, as is seen in the range of answers offered with regard to Mr Mandelson's future. Perhaps the solution, tactfully reserved for the next page, "Fly me to the moon" is going a little bit too far, however. Though, on reflection, one might find a suitable site for a dome there.

Dr DA Sykes

Headington, Oxford

YOUR cookery writer Michael Bateman (Review, 8 March) has a recipe for Trouchia but has little knowledge of Welsh Rarebit. It should never be spelt Welsh Rabbit. His recipe looked rather nice though.

Faith Franklin

London EC1

SCOUT and Rumer Willis ("100 Years of Fame", Section 2, 8 March) can't be that famous if Simon O'Hagan thinks they are both boys. Be careful: the next time you tell us the Pope is Catholic, we won't believe you.

Judith Coke

London SW14

TONY Blair seems to deny his conversion to Catholicism. Next he'll be denying his conversion to Toryism!

Rev Emlyn Richards

Cemaco, Anglesey