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l JAMES LeFanu says that "what happened [at Cambridge in 1968] so distorted people's perspectives that instead of making careers they became social workers ... and frittered away important years" ("Days of revolution", Section 2, 26 April). As a college contemporary, inclined also to a critical perspective, I have an opposite view. Many chose careers in social work to build a more caring social order than that believed in by some 1960s communists or 1980s free-market enthusiasts.

Brian Parrott, Thames Ditton l SUE Gaisford (Radio, 26 April) may be right that more people will listen to any DJ with a little musical knowledge who is prepared to play weary old favourites, but in its current obsession with ratings and neglect of its traditional role, Radio 3 has gone so far downmarket that many of us have simply switched off.

It was never Radio 3's job to give us only what we can sing along to. It is about art and art should give us something more. I don't want it to come down to my level.

Priscilla Waugh, London SE22