Letters in brief

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KEITH Elliot's tribute to the cleaner Thames (26 July) does not mention that it is Thames Water's investment at sewage treatment works that has paved the way for the return of the salmon. Our pounds 950m programme since 1989 has helped make the Thames the cleanest metropolitan river in the world. It is now home not just to salmon, but over 100 different species of fish, as well as otters and seals.

John Sexton

Thames Water

Reading, Berkshire

ROY Foster's article "Homage to a spoilt god" (26 July) added an erroneous apostrophe to Finnegans Wake. Is it then the wake of Finnegan? Or that a chap known as Finnegan is actually called Wake and that Finnegan is only an alias? I frequently warned my students against this error, as it would have cast doubts upon their critical effusions.

M Pullett

Bagshot, Surrey

IN HIS Greenland article (26 July), Geoffrey Roy says Ittoqqortoormiit is the world's "furthest northern inhabited town".This is incorrect. Hammerfest in the Troms region of Norway is further north and has a larger population.

Peter Martin

London SW17

ITV2 is on course to launch at the same time as the other digital terrestrial channels ("ITV trails ...", 26 July). Our launch date has never been delayed.And quiz shows will not make up a large part of the schedule.

Andrew Chowns

ITV2, London WC1

YOU REFER to chlamydia as bacteria whereas, in reality, they are different organisms ("HIV's poor relation", 26 July).

Paul Whitmarsh

West Kirby, Merseyside