The Contract For Paul Fregosi's Book Jihad Was Not Cancelled For Fear Of Offending Islamic Fundamentalists But Because, As Three Expert Readers Testify (Two Of Them Christian), The Typescript Is Deeply Flawed In Approach, Methodology And Scholarship ("Publisher Caves In...", 13 April).

Richard Beswick

Little, Brown; London WC2

CLARE Short is not alone in objecting to the exhibition of half naked women ("Labour's loose cannon...", 6 April). A young friend complained of his teacher's low-cut dress: "When she bends down, I can see her lungs."

R Bodman, Glenbrook, Cork

THE musical form Bryn Terfel was first schooled in is cerdd dant (music to strings), not caerdant (which if it meant anything would mean something like "tooth fort"). The International Eisteddfod is held in Llangollen, not Cardiff ("Singing his own praises", 13 April).

Roger R Fenton

Aberystwyth, Dyfed