WILL WE ever learn ("Dallaglio tackles the foreign legion", Sport, 21 November)? It has taken English cricket more than a quarter of a century to grasp the implications of employing a large number of overseas performers in county cricket - and to take steps to limit that number. The Yorkshire wicketkeeper Richard Blakey, in his book Taking It From Behind, acknowledges what they have brought to the game in this country but says: "For every top overseas player in our game there is an Englishman missing out."

Will association football and rugby union make the same mistake? The comments of leading participants suggest their clubs are doing just that. Scotland footballer John Collins: "The number of foreign players in the Premiership [means] the England manager does not have the same choice as his predecessors." England rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio: "The position of the England coach is undermined by the ever increasing number of foreign players."


Journal of the Cricket Society

Maidstone, Kent