Thank you for commissioning and publishing Roy Hattersley's censure of the dreadful Enoch Powell (Heroes & Villains, 14 January). The pricking of the laudatory bubble in which the latter exists is long overdue. Putting aside his evil jingoism, the consequences of which I too remember from the time when I lived in Birmingham, working as a teacher during the Seventies, I have always been puzzled and appalled by the views of those who, while otherwise giving the appearance of rationality, have praised Powell's "logic" and "scholarship", while decrying his political stance.

Is it time to pity Mr Powell, perhaps? No, I share Hattersley's contempt. But doubtless, when the time comes, the obituarists will trot out the usual platitudes. I'm glad they have been anteceded.

ginny graham Welshpool, Powys