Letters: The tooth fairy

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n I was interested in the Weasel's comments concerning the cost of dental treatment, in particular for the novelist Martin Amis (Up & Down Canary Wharf, 14 January). Sadly, he didn't mention actual figures, but merely implied tens of thousands of pounds.

Many hardworking, competent dentists working within the financial strictures of the NHS (and I would count myself as one of them) could probably carry out Mr Amis's extensive treatment to Harley/Wimpole Street standards for the grand total of £275, subject to approval. Indeed, the maximum anyone can be charged for a course of treatment, however extensive, on the NHS is £275. Now, isn't that a bargain?

But, then again, such a greedy individual as Mr Amis deserves to be fleeced by another.

alan woods Uttoxeter, Staffordshire n