James Sherwood has missed the point about Elton John's party ("Style police", Real Life, 13 April). Elton John is a unique entanglement of many facets, including extraordinary musical talent and made-in-England ordinariness. That is why he dedicated his Oscar to his beloved grandmother, why he was thrilled to be appointed chairman of Watford Football Club and why, when the first international rock star to perform in Moscow, he sent an urgent request for HP sauce and English mustard to be delivered via the diplomatic bag. Also, it may well be the reason why so many people are so fond of him. Hence it seemed entirely apposite to be dancing at his birthday party alongside Lord Lloyd Webber, Sir David Frost and Des O'Connor, in view of Sir Roy Strong, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Ismail Merchant, David Gower and the Pink Floyd.

If Sherwood still needs a literary reference he need look no further than Alain-Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes, in which the hero happens upon La Fete Etrange: "Well into the night he was lost in the throng taking part in a joyous masquerade." That is exactly the way that it was.

Laura Croker

West Byfleet, Surrey