Life & Style: top in 2008

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It might be fair to say that our Love and Sex series in September caught your attention.

Notoriously, the 10 best sex toys got your attention, as did the best ways for a man to impress a woman (way ahead of the reverse advice), the best places in which to be gay, and the best seduction techniques.

Otherwise, you were impressed with Britain’s best homes, and storage ideas for your own home, as well as the best menswear while you were in it, as well as the best watches. Mind you, while you were swanking around so stylishly, you still worried about whether mobiles were more dangerous than smoking.

The top ten stories in Life and Style

  1. The 10 best sex toys
  2. Britain's best homes - The proud owners of some leading contenders invite us through their keyholes
  3. Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'
  4. The 50 best watches
  5. The 10 best ways for a man to impress a woman
  6. The 50 best menswear
  7. The 50 best storage ideas
  8. The 10 best places in the world to be gay in
  9. The 10 best seduction techniques
  10. The 10 best ways for a woman to impress a man