Royal wedding fans in the UK and US have been scouring eBay for Union Jack flags bearing the couple's faces, cardboard masks and even life-size cardboard cutouts of the soon-to-be-married Kate and William.

Data released April 28 by eBay monitoring and data analysis company Terapeak, revealed the top searches and sales related to the terms "royal wedding," "Kate Middleton" and "Prince William" among eBay users in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The most searched for "Kate Middleton" item on eBay in the United Kingdom was a "royal wedding flag" - a flag of the United Kingdom bearing the faces of the couple.  Following closely in second place was a limited edition "Prince William and Kate Middleton coin," in third and fourth place were costume masks showing the faces of either Kate or Prince William.

Sales of both versions of the Prince William and Kate Middleton masks , which retailed for either €4.40 ($6.53) or €6.03 ($8.96)  totaled €2,238.59 ($3,321.78) over the last seven days.

Among the most searched for items on eBay relating to "royal wedding" or "Prince William" in the UK were cake decorations - "Prince William and Kate fairy cake [cupcake] toppers" and "royal wedding bunting."

Popular royal wedding -related searches on eBay in the United States included "royal wedding mug," "royal wedding ring" and "royal wedding party supplies."

Perhaps the most bizarre royal wedding-related item on eBay to appear in the top ten UK searches was a life-size cardboard cutout of the royal couple - described on eBay UK as "... a brilliant addition to any child's bedroom." Sales of these items, each one retailing for €38.41( $57),  have exceeded €962.46 ($1,428) since April 6.

Google Insights trends show that over the last seven days "royal wedding" is one of the most searched for terms in the world and "Kate Middleton" one of the most searched for terms in Google images.

The royal wedding will take place on April 29 at Westminster Abbey in London; the event will be covered extensively by TV networks around the world and streamed live on YouTube at: