The Time: Now

The Place: Anywhere

The Essentials: If you want to get fit but find traditional exercises boring, don't fret, there are other options. To prove that getting in shape can be fun, we went shopping for some alternative sporting accessories.

Once you've mastered the art of staying vertical, you'll love gliding around in these F25 Bauer in-line recreational skates, top right. They are ideal for beginners and intermediates, at pounds 100. For stockists ring 0181-398 7556.

You can bounce to your heart's content on this PT Bouncer, centre, price pounds 79.99, available from Physical Company, tel 01628 520208.

The Reebok portable fitness collection, below, is available from all major sports stores. Pictured: step, pounds 59.95; 3lb and 5lb handweights, price pounds 9.95 and pounds 12.95; stretch mat pounds 19.95.

If you'd prefer to take up an adrenaline sport, why not invest in a Prince Power Ring racket, price pounds 99.99. For stockists ring 01539 724740.

And to tighten up those "buns", try the AB Trainer, right, pounds 69.95 from Physical Company. Tel 01628 520208.