Beware catalogue neologisms. It's unlikely that the "announciator" will inform you of your imminent delivery of the Messiah but the addition of the letter "o" "annunciator" doesn't really do away with the word's Biblical associations. Nevertheless, you're pretty safe in assuming that this digital message recorder's "clever and very practical difference" isn't an inbuilt immaculate conception function.

The idea is that the Announciator detects your presence as you pass by it and automatically replays any pre-recorded message you choose to leave on it - "Can't you read a note like anyone else, you illiterate moron?" might be a preferred default setting. Presumably, its manufacturers have balanced the Announciator's "hands-free" message delivery with its potential to scare the life out of you as you walk through the door. I suppose you could always record a stern dietary admonition and stick it on the fridge.

The Announciator costs pounds 39.95, for details phone 0990 80 70 60