Life's inessentials; The body pillow

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Here's a product whose presence within 50 yards of your bed is, I'm afraid to say, beyond justification. According to the feeble excuses proffered by the manufacturer, a blissful night spent with the body pillow in the "foetal curl position" encourages a natural sleeping posture. As if in anticipation of your scornful grunt, the pillow is then cast as a night-time saviour for pregnant women (what the expectant mother has foisted on her in the name of gestatory relief...). Of course, we're not told that the body pillow is really the emotional equivalent of the blow- up doll - a fully-washable surrogate partner who's always after a cuddle and won't nick the duvet. Which is fine, but no matter what the orthopaedic benefits, your new relationship with a giant white slug will hardly excite the envy of your friends.

Body Pillow pounds 29.95. Orders 0990 80 70 60