London recital debut for Welsh wonder-baritone in programme of Schumann, Schubert, Vaughan Williams, Faure and fellow Welshman Meirion Williams with Four Welsh songs. With Malcolm Martineau (piano). Very determined may queue early or fight politely for returns. Wigmore

Gawpers, groupies and freeloaders stand by for our occasional guide to the lig of the day, week or, in this case, century.

The following is a press release from Marlo Ward, publicity officer for Paul Daniels:

'On the evening of Wednesday 11 May 1994 there will be a film premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

'Debbie McGee will arrive wearing her wedding dress in which she married Paul Daniels. As the dress was created by a team that designs and makes costumes for film and TV it is more than appropriate for the occasion. She will be in a Bentley, decorated for the wedding, with the registration number MAG1C.

'As Paul is recording a series of a new game show for the BBC called Wipeout he will not be with Debbie.

'Her father, Patrick McGee, will accompany her on the way 'to the wedding', as he did just over six years ago.

'Debbie should arrive at the theatre (Odeon Leicester Square) at approximately 7.30pm.'

Be there or be somewhere else.

(Photograph omitted)