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Blue rafia tote bag, pounds 26, Gap. Enquiries: 0800 427789.

The nicest summer bag I've seen, it's big enough for work and small enough for play. It has a leather base for extra durability. Beware theives though - there's no way of fastening it, so put your money in the zip-in purse inside.

Ari't Hart II fishing reel in anodised aluminium, pounds 285, available from Sportfish catalogue. Enquiries: 01544 327111.

The Rolls Royce of fishing reels. The mere sound of the tension in this reel is guaranteed to make even the most reserved of fly fishermen shudder with anticipation.

Yellow jewelled slippers, pounds 20, Paul Smith, Sizes 4 - 8. Enquiries: 0171 836 7828.

These delicate little slippers look fab with tanned feet and make boring black outfits look sassy and summery. Not particularly hardy, they're much better for indoors. Selling fast, with only turquoise and yellow shades still available.

Liquorice flavoured sweets, a few Francs, from any French supermarche. A chic Continental alternative to the Tic-tac. Be sure to bring back a few tins of these little blue sweeties next time you cross the Channel.

Blue gingham umbrella, pounds 15, Muji. Enquiries: 0171 323 2208.

A teeny tiny brolly which looks summery enough to use in this supposed BST.

Face and body foundation, pounds 22, by MAC. Enquiries/mail order: 0171 349 0601.

Foundation doesn't have to be for only hardcore make-up users. This one isn't just to be used on the face, it's also fantastic for covering up varicose veins, or for disguising a bit of corned-beef flesh, and any other unwelcome nasties on your body. It is dead easy to apply on the legs, arms or other bits of flesh where it's needed and is a lot less messy than going for the full-on fake tan. Comes in 18 different shades so there's bound to be one that suits your skin.

Yellow lenses in sunglasses. You know the ones, black frames, bright bright yellow lenses - they're horrible. What do people think they look like in them? Hip, street, individual? No. Come on, we all know they cost a fiver down the market and are guaranteed to make anyone look like they're in a second-rate boy band. Not a desirable look.