London is a city famed for its frostiness / Getty Images

Surprise, surprise

It’s official. London is the least friendly place in the whole of the UK.

A city famed for its frostiness and where talking on the tube is a serious no-no, London came out bottom in a recent survey called “Unbroken Britain.”

Provident Personal Credit asked 2,642 people on a scale from one to 10, how they felt about their local area encompassing eight separate factors from how clean and safe it felt, to how welcoming or gossipy the locals are.

Unsurprisingly, London scored a meagre 6.44 out of 10 for friendliness, beating Oxford (6.45), Portsmouth (6.51) and Chelmsford (6.58) to be named the least friendly city in the UK.

While this is a mild improvement on last year’s rating of 6.39, to add insult to injury, London also lagged behind in other areas being named the third least happy and least safe place too.

At the other end of the scale, York claimed the title of most friendly city in the UK with a score of 7.47 out of 10. Not far behind was Gloucester with 7.32 and Swansea with 7.31.

Similarly, Worcester was revealed to be the happiest place with a score of 7.47 and Aberdeen the safest with 7.82.

The study also includes a handy interactive map for viewers to visualise the country’s cleanest, safest and most trustworthy towns and cities.