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You might think that the art of losing a great deal of money would be easy to acquire - particularly if the money belongs to a lot of other people.

But is it so simple to lose your bearings? This latest Independent game gives you the opportunity to find out just how you would perform in the volatile world of stocks and shares, derivitives and futures.

We are asking you to imagine that you have £800 million to invest in the market - £50 million of your own equity and £750 million borrowed from a bank at an interest rate of 10%. Your aim is to lose enough money to put your lending bank out of business.

Your £800 million will enable you to buy stocks worth £200 million each in four companies listed on the Tokyo stock market.

We have a fabulous prize of a £5,000 holiday for two in our two-week competition, and a daily prize of £500 in a daily competition which starts on Wednesday.

To play in the two-week game, study the list of Japanese companies listed on the Tokyo stock market printed here and select four. If your four selections combined lose more money through their daily share movements over the two week period than the combined total loss of any other four companies, or show the smallest gain you win the holiday. If there is more than one winner, a simple draw will take place. Each day when the share prices are available from Japan, we will show the actual share movements of all 25 companies.

If you and your partner are our winners, an exciting time lies in store.

Singapore will be your first stop, a great place to be especially as you won't be tempted to mix business with pleasure. The climate is pleasant but if Singapore is too hot for you - and it has been known to happen - you might well decide to quit.

So your first stop after Singapore will be the elegant Regent Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Though this is a most agreeable establishment you will stay for only one night because you might think it prudent, like others before you, to move on - in a hurry.

What is needed is a Shangri-La, where with any luck the world will pass you by. That is what you find in Kota Kinabalu on the island of Borneo. There you will book into the Tanjung Aru Shangri-La beach resort, the most luxurious in Borneo.

The resort's own beaches are on five off-shore tropical islands to which hotel guests are ferried for sunbathing, scuba diving, snorkelling and beach barbecues.

Paradise indeed. However, after five days, the lure of London becomes irresistible and you decide to fly there via Frankfurt where to your surprise a reception committee awaits, worry not. Nobody will be in uniform and the welcome will be as warm as you could wish.


When you have selected your four companies, phone 0891 161 904 using a touch-tone telephone. You will be asked to enter the three-digit code number printed against the name of each company using your telephone key pad.

Then leave your name, address and daytime phone number and you will then be given your unique PIN which you should note carefully as it is your proof of registration.

Lines are open until midnight tomorrow. You may enter as many times as you wish and you will receive a different PIN for each entry. Calls cost 39p per minute cheap rate, 49p per minute all other times. Your call should last no longer than four minutes.

To enter by post send your selections and a SAE to: Lose Your Bearings, The Independent, PO Box 2319, London E14 9GZ. The entry must be postmarked no later than Tuesday March 21.

The results will be calculated by computer from the opening of the Tokyo stock market trading, midnight Wednesday March 22, closing at 9am on Tuesday April 4.


1. No purchase necessary. Results available by phoning 01254 683683 between 10.30am and 4pm on Tuesday April 4.

2. Any entries lost or damaged in transfer or entries incorrect, inaudible or incomplete will be invalid. Proof of magnetic transcript is not accepted as proof of entry.

3. Persons under 16 years, employees of Newspaper Publishing PLC, Europrint Promotions Ltd, T.I.N, their agents and families are not allowed to play.

4. The Editor's decisions are final in all matters relating the games. No correspondence can be entered into.

5. Newspaper Publishing PLC reserve the right to stop the games at any time.