the children's story
It all started when I woke up on a wet and gloomy morning. The wind whistled outside my window. The rain glistened and the trees seemed to hover low over the house. The phone rang in my room. Startled, I picked it up. It was my friend Sara. She wanted to know if I could go around and play. I said, yeah. I got ready and off I went. The rain shower turned into a thunderstorm and fog just started to gather. I went past several houses I didn't recognise and realised I was LOST. I burst into panic. The gloomy sky seemed to cave in on me, then it picked me up and took off with me. I seemed to bounce off the ground and fly with the heavy grey clouds. I was flying through time.Till I stopped, time stood still. I was in a different dimension, lost. I knew this street well, but somehow it all seemed different. I walked into something like my house. Everything had changed. There was a baby boy there. I felt scared. People stopped and glared. The gloomy sky was now a hot summer's day. I was at home in a different world. How on earth was I going to get home? I slept with what seemed to be my brother. It was raining again. I stepped out of the door. The sky suddenly picked me up, threw me up, and I was back home in my bed. The phone rang ...

Adele Geddes, 8, Mount Pleasant Primary School, Quarry Bank, West Midlands.

The Children's Story is open to stories of up to 400 words written by children up to the age of 15. If your child or pupil has a story you think we could publish, send it with a self-addressed envelope to:

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