London's fitter ballet dancers are preparing to pack themselves up in cotton wool and polystyrene balls for the remainder of the summer while the casualties hobble off to the Dance Injuries Clinic to have their bone spurs seen to. However, a few little germs of modern dance still languish, like a spoonful of yoghurt culture at the bottom of the thermos, to keep the idea of dance alive in the capital. Mosaics is Lilian Baylis Theatre's annual season of dance and 'physical theatre giving various small companies a one-night stand with a cosy little audience. Treats still in store include tomorrow night's extravaganza by the Gandini Juggling Project, who have collaborated with the choreographer Gill Clarke, and next Tuesday's double bill from Some Dance Company and Sally O'Donnell and the aptly named Naomi Butoh (right), who will raid the dance cupboard for a mixture of Butoh and Western contemporary dance. The season of one-off performances runs till 3 September.

Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler's Wells, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1 (071-278 8916)

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