Get a room! The PDAs that turn off Brits

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Prudish Brits would happily ban kissing in public, finding it “rude”, “inappropriate” and “dirty”, according to a revealing new survey.

London tops the list of killjoys with 49 per cent admitting public displays of affection (PDAs) made them feel “uncomfortable,” while 45 per cent of Brits nationwide wish offenders would “get a room”.

Pursed-lipped Belfast and Birmingham came second and third in the anti-PDA stakes, while over a quarter of those living in Cardiff claimed never to have locked-lips passionately in public.

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“Kissing is important as it’s the best way to stay connected with our partners, which means more intimacy and a stronger relationship. So come on, pucker up!” says sexual psychologist Simone Bienne.

Residents of Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester are the most relaxed about PDAs with over a third of Mancunians agreeing that street smooching is romantic. Kentish residents are the most outrageous, with more than 60 per cent admitting to a bit of street-level steaminess.

But while the average Brit might be wary of PDAs, politicians appear to see it as a key campaigning technique (the sloppier the better) and sozzled celebrities are happy to turn up the heat in front of photographers. Check out our gallery of smooching celebs to see for youself.

Survey conducted by researchers for Philips Sensual Massagers