Complaints about a television ad for a sex lubricant that appeared before its 11pm restriction were not upheld by a watchdog.

Viewers complained the ad for Durex Play O gel, which showed the facial expressions of women who appeared to be experiencing sexual ecstasy, was offensive and unsuitable for broadcast.

The ad was cleared for broadcast after 11pm but appeared on Channel 4 shortly after 10pm during Gordon Ramsay's F Word and Derren Brown Presents the 3D Magic Spectacular programmes.

Channel 4 said Gordon Ramsay's F Word was of an adult nature and contained strong language and sexual innuendo, and that viewers of the programme would not have been offended by the ad.

The Advertising Standards Authority noted the viewers who complained believed the ad was unsuitable for broadcast at any time.

Rejecting the complaints, the ASA said: "We acknowledged the viewers' concern and appreciated that advertisers and broadcasters needed to be aware of the sensitive nature of ads for this type of product.

"We considered that this ad was not overtly graphic, contained no explicit material and was unlikely to cause offence, provided it was scheduled appropriately."

Child audience figures showed the ad had been scheduled appropriately and was unlikely to cause offence to viewers, the ASA said.