'I like to say 9'

The latest descendent from First Kiss in the 'pairs of people forced to do awkward or surprising things' video genre sees couples reveal their Number to each other, and much cringing ensues.

"The number, Jesus….OK" one man says nervously, as another deflects: "It's a weird conversation to have, I feel, yeah I don't wanna think about what you did with your ex."

Other couples were less embarrassed by their sexual history however and only too happy to elaborate, with one guy booming: "When i was in college those numbers got stupid. I played football, those numbers got out of hand."

"A little over the 150 number," another offers, with no real flinching from his wife.

"I'm not afraid to admit anything about my past because it's bought me to where I am today," he adds.

I guess the main thing to take from this, beside the fact pretty much everyone squirms when asked to talk about their sex life pre-current relationship, is that gender-wise there's still an imbalance, with the men on the whole more comfortable talking about their sexual appetite than the women.