A wedding guest has proposed at his friend's wedding / Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Over 1million people have seen the photo and judged the couple

When the staggering amount time, money, and effort that goes into to planning a wedding is considered, it seems pretty obvious that all guests have is to do is turn up with some gifts, and not upstage the couple.

But this fact seems to have escaped one man, whose grinning face has gone viral after he decided to propose to his girlfriend in front of the bride and groom’s top table. 

The photo, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times on Reddit, shows a boyfriend perched on one knee in front of his crying girlfriend.

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Adding insult to injury, the man appears to have plonked his beer bottle in front of the bride before he took his position on the floor.

It is unclear whether the bride and groom were aware that the man was going to propose and okayed his plan to share their special day.

Some commenters on the photo have been unimpressed, while others simply congratulated the bride and groom for keeping their cool, or suggested that the newlyweds might have been happy with the gesture.

“They've got one day which is all about them, you jerk,” wrote Reddit users Serialrobeintruder.

“The bride's face is screaming WTF!!” EdgarTheFlatulent wrote, commenting on the bride’s strained expression.

“This is up there with my uncle giving my cousins a puppy at my birthday party,” wrote GreyPhoenix15.

But Razmann asked: “What if he asked the bride and groom beforehand, and they said it was ok?”

Eroso agreed, writing: “Well, all people don't crave attention.Some of us might even be delighted to get off from the spotlight and to see a friend extremely happy.”

“Props to the bride and groom for holding their composure and not making it a worse scene than it already was. Many good fortunes to them,” commented markahix.