'I think that really in some sense we are all called to be married it’s just a matter of discerning how'

Jessica Hayes, 38, belongs to a group of 3,000 in the world and just 215 in the United States.

She is a consecrated virgin, meaning she has dedicated her life to the service of God in perpetual virginity.

"I think that really in some sense we are all called to be married, it’s just a matter of discerning how," Hayes told WANE-TV. "So my marriage is to Christ and someone else’s marriage is to their spouse. That is a good desire that is planted within us by God.”

Ms Hayes wedding with Jesus Christ took place on Saturday in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The 38-year-old became the first consecrated virgin at the diocese for a quarter of a century.

The ceremony at the Catholic church was attended by hundreds and the theology teacher said she hoped her marriage to Christ would educate "many others that the Lord is calling in this way."

Not that Ms Hayes rushed into the decision to walk off into the sunset with the Messiah. She told reporters that it took years of praying and listening to God to ultimately come upon the realisation that her life would be best served and be at its most happiest in matrimony with Jesus Christ.

“It seemed that all of those loves converged on this one thing where I could still be living in the world and be a part of the lives of my students and be studying and teaching and involved in a parish life, but I could also give myself more completely by making this total commitment of my life to serve the church in whatever capacity is needed and whatever capacity my own gifts are available for."

While Hayes' choice of partner is unusual, her preparations for the big day were similar to most, changing her mind numerous times over her choice of wedding dress. She chose a "well-covered" number because as part of the ceremony she had to lie prostrate before the altar.

And will Hayes be taking her groom's surname? Well, her student did ask her whether she should be called Mrs Hayes when she returns to the classroom.

She told them, "No, I'm still Ms. But, I am married to Jesus."