Single people seem to be kissing goodbye to the idea of looking for love close to home, according to a poll today.

Almost 20 per cent of unmarried adults have been on a date or had a relationship with a partner more than 150 miles away, a survey by the Vauxhall car company found.

And singles in the south-west of England are most prepared to look for a long-distance relationship, with those in the East Midlands travelling the least for romance.

On average, the furthest singles would travel for a date is 63 miles, with the figure for unmarried people in south-west England rising to 73 miles.

In contrast, single people in the East Midlands would only be prepared to travel 46 miles.

Based on responses from 1,500 unmarried adults, the survey also showed that the average distance British single people drive each week to meet dates or partners is 29 miles.

Simon Ewart of Vauxhall said: "We really are prepared to go the extra mile for love. Technology coupled with greater car ownership means we are more mobile in our search for 'the one'."

These were the longest average distances single people were prepared to go on a date:

1. South-west England 73 miles

2. London 67 miles

3. Yorkshire 66 miles

4. Scotland 65 miles

5. East Anglia 65 miles

6. Wales 61 miles

7. North-west England 59 miles

8. West Midlands 58 miles

9. North-east England 52 miles

10.East Midlands 46 miles