Niamh & Finn, 17 & 18

Do you think that learning about relationships in school is useful?

Niamh: "I suppose so, but you only really learn from experience. I didn't listen to my mum when she said, 'Wait for him to call you' – but it was valuable advice."

Finn: "Yes – having an understanding of how your actions affect your partner is useful."

Can you ever be too young to fall in love?

N: "No ... Two people from my school started going out when they were 13 and they are now married with a kid."

F: "You're never too young!"

What's the nicest thing that your partner has ever done for you?

N: "When I was ill, he came round every day after college and brought weird fruits and watched telly with me." F: "She cleaned my room when I went to college and gave me back rubs when I felt bad."

Do you want to get married when you're older?

N: "Yeah, I'd love to know that I want to be with someone for ever, and that they feel the same way."

F: "Yes."

How long did you wait before you said the words "I love you"?

N: "Erm ... about a month. I think the reason that it sometimes takes so long is because you're scared that they won't say it back."

F: "Not that long; it just happened."

What scares you about being in a relationship?

N: "Loving the other person more than they love me."

F: "It means you are vulnerable."

Describe love in one word

N: "Strength."

F: "Yearning."

What is the best thing about being in a relationship? And what's the worst?

N: "Best: having someone to be there and kiss you when you need it. Worst: jealousy."

F: "The best thing is having someone that you will protect no matter what because you know that she would do the same for you."

Should you ever change for someone?

N: "Yes, as long as you're being true to yourself."

F: "If you truly care about them, then you will change naturally."

Sophie & Shay, 15 & 18

How did you meet?

Shay: "A friend introduced us in town one night."

How long have you been together?

Sophie: "Just over 15 months."

What is the best thing about being together? And what's the worst?

Sophie: "The worst thing is when we have small disagreements, but other than that I love being in this relationship."

Shay: "When we get along we get along really nicely and always have a laugh ... the worst is when we argue."

Do you believe in true love and soulmates?

Sophie: "Very much so."

Shay: "Yep – and I have found my soulmate."

What do you like most about being in a relationship? And what do you hate?

Sophie: "I love being in a relationship – especially this one. We're going a long way."

Shay: "I love everything about being in a relationship, there's nothing to hate."

How do you spend your time together?

Shay: "Watching DVDs, going to the cinema, going out for dinner, visiting family and friends – we tend to do quite a lot together actually."

What is the difference between young love and having a relationship when you're a bit older?

Sophie: "I think that some younger relationships can work – but for me being slightly older feels better." Shay: "I think that having a relationship when you're younger is never going to be as meaningful as an older person's relationship. When you're a bit older you can show intimacy and obviously that means a lot more."

Osca & Emily, both 18

Do you sometimes wish you'd met each other later in life?

Osca: "Maybe, we are quite young."

Emily: "No, not really."

Are you scared that you like your partner more than he/her likes you?

O: "I was at the beginning, because I knew I did like her more ... but it's all cool now."

E: "He chased me, so I guess he liked me more!"

Can you ever be too young to fall in love?

O: "No."

E: "No."

Do you believe in soulmates and true love?

O: "Erm, I don't know about soulmates but love is definitely real."

E: "Soulmates? Ha ha, eerrm ..."

Do you want to get married when you're older?

O: "Yes."

E: "No."

How long do you think your relationship is going to last?

O: "Until we're old and grey, ha ha, only as a joke."

E: "A bit."

Andrew & Jemma, 16 & 17

Is this the first serious relationship you've been in?

Jemma: "Yes, definitely – we met in 2006 when I was 13."

Andrew: "Yeah, for me personally it is."

Can you ever be too young to fall in love?

J: "Not at all, it's not the age, it's how you feel."

A: "No, but I do think you need maturity to be able to know what love is and what to do with your feelings."

Are you scared that you like your partner more than he/she likes you?

J: "I used to have that feeling, but I think we both know now how we feel."

A: "I thought that at the beginning, but growing up together has made me feel more comfortable."

How do your parents feel about your relationship?

J: "On both sides they think we aren't good enough for each other."

A: "They don't approve, but that has never stopped us and I hope it never will."

Describe your relationship in three words

J: "Beautiful, exciting, romantic."

A: "Romantic, adventurous, joyful."

What scares you about being in a relationship?

J: "Breaking up, definitely. I wouldn't know what to do if we broke up."

A: "The thought of it ending."

Do you think the relationship has changed you?

J: "100 per cent yes. If I hadn't met Andrew, I wouldn't be the person I am today. We've grown up dramatically over the past three years together. He's changed me into a more caring person."

A: "Being with Jemma has changed the way that I see everything."

Cassie & Timmy, 17 & 18

How long have you been in a relationship?

Cassie: "I have been in a relationship with Timmy for one year and 11 months."

Timmy: "Me and Cassie met through a friend and it just went from there."

Describe your relationship

C: "We have our ups and downs and have had a couple of breaks from each other, but always come out stronger."

T: "Our relationship is very strong as we have broken up twice before."

Do you love each other?

C: "Yes! I do love Timmy and I'm pretty sure he feels the same – we are really close."

T: "Yes, we do love each other. Every time we are together our love gets better."

Do you think you'll be together for ever?

C: "I just take each day as it comes, you never know what's gonna happen."

T: "I can't really say that we will be together for ever, because you never know what is round the corner. I feel that our relationship is at a strong stage and that we could be together for a really long time."

Is it important for you to be in a relationship?

C: "No, I don't think so. I just feel comfortable and happy that I am in a relationship."

T: "I wouldn't say I really need to be in a relationship, but it is just nice knowing you have someone at home that loves you very much and will always be there for you."

What do you think of elderly couples?

C: "I think it's really sweet seeing an old-age couple." T: "Their love must be very strong for them to have stayed together for so long."