There are currently 941 affairs taking place in Britain's most unfaithful town

Ever wondered what the neighbours are up to? Well if you live in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, then the answer is probably... having an affair.

The bustling East Midlands town has been granted the dubious honour of being the UK's top spot for infidelity – with a total of 941 affairs reportedly taking place right now.

According to The Official Infidelity Index 2015, which was released this week, 2.54 per cent of the town’s population are currently seeing someone they shouldn't.

And next on the list is Livingston, where 1152 (2.05 per cent of the population) are cheating on their partners.

The index shows the number of people having affairs in every area in the UK, with Maidenhead coming in third place, with 1646 (or 1.84 per cent of the population) engaged in an affair.

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The top ten towns for extra-marital relationships in the UK were:

1. Beeston
2. Livingston
3. Maidenhead
4. Taunton
5. Runcorn
6. Newcastle-under-Lyme
7. Guildford
8. Farnborough
9. Bracknell
10. Loughborough

But not all hope is lost – at the bottom of the list, according to married dating website Illicit Encounters, was Craigavon in Northern Ireland.

There, just 29 people (0.04 per cent of the population) are involved in an illicit romance, making it the most faithful town in the UK. 

Bournemouth came next, with just 0.17 – or 310 – cheaters in its midst.

Psychologist Lucy Redford blames the popularity of marital affairs on feelings of frustration, isolation and loneliness – in addition to what she calls "limited options" in marriage.

“There are many reasons people have affairs in small towns like Beeston," she said. "Discretion is usually the main priority in extra-marital affairs. If secrecy wasn’t important, the individual would seek a divorce before an affair.

"Often, when passion has left a relationship, but people don’t want to fracture their home status or disrupt a family unit, and they’re not willing to compromise their sex lives, an affair becomes tempting."