Independent lifestyle writer Rachel Hosie juggles three dating apps

You'll almost definitely have swiped right on a few of them

As a single girl with, ahem, her fair share of experience using dating apps (yes, I'm on three), I know a thing or two about the men you meet whilst swiping your way through potential suitors.

And, based on my own experience, here are the eight most common types of fella to appear on the virtual dating scene.

1. The guy who openly only wants one thing


I’d really rather you didn’t, but thank you for the kind offer.


2. The guy who tries to pretend he doesn’t only want one thing


It seemed so promising at the start - what a friendly, genuine guy, you thought. His intentions seem noble. Maybe this could go somewhere. But then, you’re only a few messages in, and BOOM! Why did he even bother pretending and thus waste my time?


3. The guy who is just too keen


Geez! Give a girl the chance to reply. Really appreciate your enthusiasm but being too keen is not attractive.


4. The guy who changes his mind

You’ve been chatting about swanky rooftop bars and after much not-so-subtle hinting, he asks if you’d like to go for a drink at one. A date is agreed - Wednesday evening - but by Monday, nothing firm has been arranged.

Come Wednesday, you find he’s unmatched you and the whole conversation has disappeared without a word. Rude.


5. The guy who can’t get the hint


I’m sorry, boys, but the world of dating apps is a cruel one and sometimes a girl has to be blunt. If we’ve stopped asking questions, it might be time to read between the lines...

6. The bencher

AKA breadcrumbers, these guys message you maybe every few months just enough to keep you interested, but without making it clear whether a relationship will ever actually blossom.

You’ve been benched, if you will, but they keep dropping you breadcrumbs.


7. The guy who keeps chatting but never makes a move

You’ve been consistently exchanging messages for weeks and have moved from Tinder to WhatsApp, and yet nothing has happened.

Not quite interested enough to ask him out yourself, yet enjoying the perfectly pleasant conversation enough to keep chatting, you continue the seemingly pointless exchanges.


8. The unabashed fetishist



You’ve got to respect someone who is open about what they're into, but I have to wonder how successful they are on mainstream dating apps.

Some girls swipe right because they’re intrigued, even though they have no real interest. Poor guys.