It's for the top one per cent in the world

If you’re bored of swiping through the riffraff on Tinder and just want to meet a decent human being who has a private jet and a butler (is it too much to ask, really?) then you may be pleased to learn about Tinder Select.

The secret version of the popular dating app is for the rich, famous and generally elite, but - bad news - it’s members’ only. 

In order to be granted access to Tinder Select, you need to be nominated by an existing user, and members only get a certain number of invites.

Once nominated, you then need to be approved by Tinder too to make sure you're worthy of mingling with supermodels, pop stars and CEOs.

However it has also been reported that Tinder invites some people who “do really well” on the regular version of the app. 

It’s not clear how Tinder decides who to invite to this elite community, but they’re “generally attractive and relatively high-profile,” according to Tech Crunch.

The invite-only app has been designed for the top one per cent of the world, who presumably don’t immediately associate the name with McDonald’s Chicken Selects (which are like elite nuggets, to be fair).

Tinder Select’s design is different to normal Tinder too - the orange flame is nowhere to be seen, having been replaced by a blue ‘S’.

It integrates seamlessly into the regular app though, allowing users to toggle between Tinder Select and Tinder - presumably the elite occasionally get bored of supermodels and feel like slumming it with commoners.

The exclusive version of the app has apparently been around for about six months, but the company haven’t released any public statement on it.

The Independent contacted Tinder asking for a comment but have not yet received any response.

Considering the app has been around for half a year though, it’s probable the company aren’t just testing Tinder Select but trying to maintain its exclusive elusiveness.