lyric sheets

by martin newell

Carl Perkins died this week. He wrote `Blue Suede Shoes' and many other classic rock songs. It was thought by some that had it not been for a car crash which he was involved in at a crucial time, his career might have rivalled that of Elvis Presley.

As the world woke up

On the seventh bar

To the slap-back voice

With a sharp guitar

And a hopped-up beat

They would hear the news

Of the smashed-up car

After `Blue Suede Shoes'

And the Perkins boy

Who was signed to Sun

In the country charts

With a number one

Watched the King go up

As he lay in bed

With the tv on

And his aching head

And if RCA.

Might have got it wrong

And if `Blue Suede Shoes'

Was a country song

How would rock and roll

Ever get so far

On the liquor drunk

From an old fruit jar?

Because anyone

With a decent ear

From the Fifties days

To the present year

Might have bet that he

Would have been the one

With the cat clothes on

He was Gone Gone Gone