Bananarama are reforming to cover the Abba classic, `Waterloo', for a new album of Eurovision cover versions


Bananarama good

Bananarama cool

Not the coiffeured produce

Of a drama school

Awkward with the make-up

Barely danced in time

Shangri-Las for later

Mistresses of mime

Flowers of the Eighties

Beautiful and wild

Seen by wolfish pop stars

Plucked and got with child

Leaving us to languish

In a time of Spice

And the Android Sisters'

Phonographic lice

Don't you hate the Nineties'

Refried Sixties charm?

Puritans in kick-flares

Tugging at your arm

With a pop polenta

For the middlebrow

Fetch Bananarama

Save the pop charts now