Lyric Sheets: Her Satanic Majesty Requests

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Baroness Thatcher revealed this week that she had entertained The Rolling Stones to tea and biscuits in her hotel suite in Hawaii. She declared them to be `a great British export'.

The day that Margaret Thatcher

Had The Rolling Stones to tea

The cliffs of Dover turned to black And crumbled in the sea

Unshaven forty somethings

Tumbled over in their scores

And all around the only sound

Was that of dropping jaws.

Meanwhile, the former leader

At her hotel in Hawaii

Stood up to greet the rock stars

With a twinkle in her eye

And passing round the Hob Nobs

While a maid brought in the teas

She asked, `Shall I be mother?'

As Charlie mumbled, `Please.'

When Keith tipped in a shot of Jack

She watched him as he drank it

And said, `I loved that rootsy feel

You caught on Beggar's Banquet.

And though I find your latest one

To be well up to scratch I jig around to that one

While ironing at Chez Thatch.'