Lyric Sheets: Laughing Len

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In homage to the new collection `More Best of Leonard Cohen'

Draw the curtains, dim the light

Your partner's gone for good

Should you decide to hang


Or slit your wrists, you should

But if you're still in any doubt

Get the Leonard Cohen out

Leonard Cohen? Ah. What


He's seen you through it all

And waits in dusty corners

For the jilted lover's call

Or nestles in your record set

On stand-by like a country vet

The bedsit weeps. The attic sighs

There's nothing else will do

And Morrissey might be too


For what you're going through

Make sure there's no-one else


And Laughing Len will sort

you out

Pop the pill, turn on the gas

Or kick the chair away

The chances are the song

will still

Be grinding on next day

But look out for a mega hit

If EXIT ever go legit