Lyric sheets: The Universal Joint

News this week reveals that it was Paul McCartney who introduced Mick Jagger to cannabis, having himself been introduced to it by Bob Dylan
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A dancehall pianist rolled it

In 1921

Then passed it to another

Who thought it might be fun

To syncopate his rhythm

And thus was jazz begun

Via musos, various actors

Then tried the thing for size

It came to Robert Mitchum

(Which might explain his eyes)

Then back to Charlie Parker

And round the Be-Bop clan

Through beatniks on to Dylan

Who took the thing and ran

To hand it to The Beatles

Ringo, George and John

Across to Paul McCartney

Who turned Mick Jagger on

It passed though swinging London

In classic outlaw style

Residing with Keith Richards

Who kept it for a while

The custom then ascended

Beyond the hippy trail

Until it came to Clinton

Who claimed not to inhale

You can't have politicians

Stoned upon their backs

They wouldn't fight elections

They'd all be blowing sax