Hear... the changes in the tones of history. The Barbican Centre is hosting the ultimate chronological survey of the symphonies and orchestral works of Dmitri Shostakovich. "Shostakovich 1906-1975", looks at the relationships between Shostakovich's music and history, charting stories such as the Nazi massacre of Jews at Babi Yar, which was told in a poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko and then put to a score of music by Shostakovich. Under pressure from the authorities, lines were subsequently changed to accommodate praise for the "Soviet victory" over fascism.

To 8 March, The Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2 (0171-638 8891).

Find... out what it would be like if people expressed their true feelings. Nancy Meckler's Shared Experience Theatre company has an unusual expressionist style, wherein actors are encouraged to find the physical and emotional visualisation of the subtext, rather than let it be found through reading between the lines. Working alongside Judith Thompson, award-winning Canadian playwright, whose plays The Crackwalker and Lion in the Streets have already played here, I Am Yours looks at Dee and Mercy, separated from their parents, and how they reconcile growing up together when beautiful Dee was always Daddy's favourite girl. With Lynda Baron, Ian Dunn, Daniel Flynn, Kerry Fox, Garrick Hagon and Geraldine Somerville.

To 21 March, at The Royal Court Theatre, St Martin's Lane, London WC2 (0171-565 5000).