See ... a story of ordinary lives, to which we could all contribute a tale. Two brings us the world of the pub landlady and landlord once they have called last orders and stopped wiping up the spilt beer and looking after the regulars who are comfortable in the same place at the same time. It explores the community of the pub, the knowledge that in every bar there are many stories to be told and more willing listeners than you would find in any other public space. Performed by Europe's premier theatre of disabled people, it shows the way with sign language at performances, and fully accessible venues. To 14 March, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell (01344 484 123), Jackson's Lane, London (18-19 March), Cambridge Drama Centre (20-21 March), Artezium, Luton (25 March), Harlow Playhouse, Essex (26 March), St Mary in the Castle, Hastings (27 March), The Hawth, Crawley (28 March), Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne (31 March-1 April), Havant Arts Centre, Hampshire (4 April), Oval House, London (7-9, 11 and 14 April).

Hear ... a celebration of Mozart and Mendelssohn. In the penultimate concert in its current series, the orchestra of St John's, Smith Square, conducted by John Lubbock, is joined by the highly acclaimed young pianist Paul Lewis. He will play in a relatively rare performance of Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No 2. The concert also features a world premiere from the orchestra's associate composer, Dominic Muldowney. Tonight, 7.30pm at St John's, Smith Square, SW1. Tickets pounds 7-pounds 15, with concessions.