Make Your Player Transfers Today

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Today we publish the latest results in our Independent Fantasy Football game, supported by Philips Energy Saver Light Bulbs. And, if you fancy making some team changes, then here's your chance to do so.

From Wednesday 23 October until noon, Friday 1 November, it is transfer time for all Independent Fantasy Football managers. You can buy and sell new players or even sack your manager and buy a new one!


Up to three players or two players and the manager may be traded, but remember you only get one opportunity to do so. You must buy and sell the same number of players, in the same positions and not spend any more money than your original players are worth. The same applies for the manager who must be replaced by another manager if he is sold.

The main thing to remember if you are trading more than one player is that you do not necessarily have to replace a player with another player of equal or less value, the trick is to make sure you have not exceeded the total value of the two or three players you are trading. Just follow these simple steps:

Select the one, two or three players/manager you wish to sell and then the same number of players/manager you want to buy. Make sure that your team consists of the correct players to fit the team formation you originally selected.

Make a note in your transfer table printed right, of the player(s)/manager you want to sell, their code number and value. Do the same for the player(s)/manager you want to buy. Make sure your transfers correspond line to line, i.e. Player 1 that you are buying must be the replacement for Player 1 that you are selling.

After ensuring that the same number of players are sold and bought, each player sold has been replaced by a player in the same position, and that the total value of the players you wish to buy is no greater than the total value of those you wish to sell, you are now ready to go!


To minimise your call time, have the PIN number of the team you are altering and your completed transfer table ready to hand. Then dial 0891 252 360 (Republic of Ireland: 1550 131 553).

Simply enter on a touch tone telephone only, your team's PIN number and then the codes of each player to be sold or bought when asked.

You must have your PIN number, without this you will be unable to make transfers. Remember you only have one chance to make your transfer, so make sure you are certain of your choices before making your call. Finally, please read the transfer rules carefully before calling.


The overall winner at the end of the season will be the entrant who has accrued more points than any other Independent Fantasy Football team in that time. The overall winner's prize is a trip to the 1998 World Cup in France. The winner, plus companion, will see all the action of a quarter- final and a semi-final of their choice, plus the final. In addition, each month's highest scoring fantasy team, will win a pair of tickets to one of England's World Cup qualifying games at Wembley.

Rules as previously published and available on request


4 points for a goal r 4 points for a goalkeeper/defender clean sheet r 3 points for a successful assist r 1 point when a player is selected and plays r 1 point for a winning goal r 3 points for a manager win, 1 point for a draw r Lose 1 point for a yellow card r Lose 3 points for a red card