Making it up: Little pots of powder...

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As architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe said, "God is in the details". So it is with beauty. An extra curve on your eyelashes or a lighter skin under your eyes can make an enormous, yet imperceptible difference.

It's been advertised everywhere. Estee Lauder's Uncircle is an original which does what it says it does - lighten dark circles (and dark upper eyelids) if used as directed. While it's fun to try new products, before you shell out pounds 21, get some decent sleep first. You might not need the product after all.

Earth goddesses and health nuts swear that skin brushing puts a glow on. Brushing dry skin in strokes towards your heart is supposed to polish skin and improve circulation. One of the best brushes for the job is Longevite's Body Brush (pounds 13.99) with soft, natural bristles and a well-designed handle for those body areas that are hard to reach when you're on your lonesome. (Mail order: 01709 890666.)

Kanebo Sponge-Chief is the company's top seller. Surprise? Nope. This hybrid between flannel and sponge virtually slurps make-up off delicate facial skin. In Kanebo's pricey universe, a snip at pounds 7.95. (Available at Harvey Nichols.)

Screenface in London is where the professional make-up artists go. It's also where you can nab a pair of heated eyelash curlers (pounds 13, 0171-836 3955). Yes, they do work without singeing fragile lashes. You could put a blow-dryer on an eyelash curler for a similar effect.

Yves St Laurent's cosmetic range called In Love Again features two colourful compacts containing four shades for lips and eyes (pounds 17). But the best - and most expensive - beauty gizmo must be Czech & Speake's bathrack with double-sided mirror (in chrome pounds 340, 0181-980 4567). Making up in the bath is the ultimate luxury as the steam sets make-up perfectly - a tip for you beauties who often run late.