Unfortunately, not all marriages are meant to last forever / Getty Images/iStockphoto

"The groom grabbed the mic and that's when s*** hit the fan"

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. A time when everything is blissfully joyful, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to declare your undying love beside your nearest and dearest.

But unfortunately, not all marriages are meant to last forever.

Taking to Reddit, wedding planners stormed the forum to weigh in on the red flags that they have witnessed at a reception that made them say, “This one’s not even going to last a year.”

Wedding planners see a lot it seems and luckily for us, they’re more than happy to divulge their best marital flops.

In true Jeremy Kyle style, infidelity proved a common tell-tale sign that divorce could well be on the cards.

One person wrote, “Pregnant maid of honour told the bride's sister that she's been f***ing the groom and the baby is his. Needless to say we got to go home early that night.”

While another added, “I worked the most amazing wedding ever! The marriage didn't last six hours!

“Everything was going as per usual for a wedding - until the best man finished his speech. The groom grabbed the mic and that's when s*** hit the fan. 

“After his well wishes, he asked for the attention of his best man and bride. He told them that he knew they were having sex behind his back for the entirety of the engagement, and that he would be filing for an annulment on Monday.” 

 Aside from cheating, turning up three hours late and full-on fist fights, wedding planners insisted that the age-old saying that opposites attract isn’t always true.  

One confessed, “His side were rowdy, loud and incredibly rude, making sure to let everyone know how rich they were. She was a quiet, shy girl with a small family full of boring mousy types. 

“At one stage the groom grabbed the microphone, and did a heavily intoxicated version of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' whilst his whole family cheered him on. “Afterwards he turned to his bride and slurred over the speakers: 'Tonight, we will do it MY WAY, wifey!!!' and then proceeded to make doggy-style thrusting gestures. 

“The bride flushed bright red, got up and walked out, her mum on her heels. They didn't last long.”

Other insiders said one of the biggest signs a marriage isn’t going to survive is dependant on how much time the bride and groom spend together on their big day.

“The subtle sign I always paid attention to was how closely the bride and groom sat next to each other during the speeches, dinner, etc.

“The happy couples were always right on top of each other, in their own world, while the rest of the wedding went on around them.

“Other times, the two would be practically on the other side of the table from one another.”

Another agreed, adding, “In one instance the bride and groom just could not be bothered to be seen together at the wedding. I had to virtually drag them for getting some photos of the two of them together and they kept walking off hang out with their friends.”