In its online September issue, independent global trend firm predicts that the biggest consumer trend of the moment is 'maturialism,' addressing consumers in cheeky, provocative ways.

'Maturialism,' or mature-materialism, relates to the growing numbers of consumers who are experienced, less easily shocked, more outspoken and are appreciative of brands or products that are a little rude or risqué.

Examples of brands or products that appeal to maturialists are UK brand The Icecreamists which uses premium "X-rated" flavors such as the sex pistol ice cream tinged with absinthe; WineCellar Sorbets which sell a number of sorbets with wine as the main ingredient; Swiss designer Nicole Locher who launched a range of t-shirts emblazoned with slogans such as "I ain't your fucking sweatheart" and Air New Zealand, which ran a commercial featuring their employees wearing nothing but body paint.

According to, maturialists like brands that are honest about their products, try more daring innovations or quirkier flavors and test the boundaries a little. The rise of mauturialism is part of the bigger consumer culture or trend of brand fabric; brand fabric is what companies have to be aware of in order to continue to make their products relevant.

The six main aspects of brand fabric are categorized by as:

1. Brands pushing the boundaries (Maturialism)

2. Brands serving customers (Brand Butlers)

3. Sophisticated audiences 'upgrading' consumption to challenge themselves.

4. Companies being transparent in their communications (Transparency Triumph)

5. Consumers craving 'authenticity' and brands whose values reflect their own.