My first car

It was a custard yellow Vauxhall Cavalier and I used to call it my "custard Cav". I was doing the summer season with Jimmy Tarbuck and was constantly driving to and from Weymouth and Bournemouth. I didn't really understand about cars at the time, and that they needed oil changes, and I managed to burn the engine out.

My worst car

This was a Rover MG, a soft-top in racing green. It was also the flashiest car I've had and it was awful. I was in Brookside and driving to Birmingham a lot; it would break down all the time

My favourite car

After the MG, I bought a Freelander, which could not have been more of a contrast, going from a tiny convertible to a bulky Jeep-style car. Then I bought a Golf and that was a fabulous car: reliable, nippy, economical. I have bought my dream car now, which is a Mercedes SLK, but with cars you are always thinking: "What's next?" Now they have brought out the new Mini and I would really like one of those - they're gorgeous. The SLK is a really lovely car but a Mini Cooper S convertible would be great.

My worst crash

I am always having scrapes and incidents. Yesterday my car got towed away because I was parked on a double yellow line. In London they are on you in seconds. I had to be up in Milton Keynes for the play I have written and I had to leave my boyfriend to search out my car; he earned a gold star for that one.

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