Katie and Sophie, aged 11 and 6
MY SISTER Sophie and I spent all last weekend making decorations for the tree, says Katie. Our cousin Emma made decorations out of oranges and we decided to do the same.

The recipe was in the BBC Good Food Magazine. We dipped slices of orange in vinegar which had a little sugar in it, and then dried them for six hours in the oven. Then we tied them to the tree with red ribbon. We dried some apple rings in the same way and painted them gold.

I made the Father Christmas faces out of a special dough that doesn't go off. You can eat them but I tried one and it was disgusting. I used silver balls for Santa's eyes, red icing for his hat, and some squirty white icing for his nose, mouth and beard.

It took Mummy five goes to get the icing right. The star-shaped decorations are biscuits. We crushed up and melted some sweeties to go in the hole in the middle of each star.

We made 15 but only three were good enough to go on the tree. We have hung cinnamon sticks on the tree with red ribbon and made little shepherds' crooks out of pasta, which we painted gold.

Sophie made the angel at the top of the tree at school. She's got silver wings, a silver halo, and tinsel round the bottom of her dress. Her head is made from a ping-pong ball. There are red bows on the tree and Mummy bought the gold ribbon in Habitat. We wanted the tree to be red and gold because it's really Christmassy.

On Christmas morning we open some of our presents after breakfast and we open the rest of them when we get back from church. Sophie is getting bunk beds from Mummy and Daddy and I'm hoping to get a pony.