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By Antoinette Malveaux, executive director


This conference will lay the foundation for productive partnerships, creating value well into the next century. Fully prepared, competitively competent young people from minority groups will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and present their credentials to the movers and shakers of the UK.

Conversely, the captains of industry and education will have a rare opportunity to see personally the "best of the best" potential candidates entering and preparing themselves to advance in the workforce.

While this is the first of its kind in the UK, in the US we have had great success stories coming out of these conferences. CitiBank, IBM, Coca-Cola and Marriott are among our corporate partners who signed on to this programme years ago, and remain committed to our conferences as a significant recruiting instrument.

When quantified, their participation return on investment far exceeds traditional per hire costs. Instead of spending valuable time and revenue on single searches, at this conference companies can spend quality time with several pre-selected candidates who meet their criteria. In one day, they can meet and assess more talent, more cost-effectively, than they can access through traditional channels.

In the US, our success with repeat corporate partners is testament to satisfactory delivery of our programme. We, and our friends at ACFF, look forward to similar success from this UK Careers Fair. We applaud the foresight of participating champions in preparing their companies for the New World competitive arena. Our organisations look forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship in years to come.