"I am wearing Lycra panties from Top Shop, they're a kind of garter and black. I buy my underwear at Marks & Spencers and Knickerbox. The most I will spend is £15 on a bra, and on knickers I will spend, say, a fiver. I try to wear something a bit sexy ifI am going to my boyfriend's house. I'm only put off people's underwear if it is dirty. I go without underwear sometimes."

Anna Moorhouse 20, Lifeguard

"I have on a Gossard Wonderbra, in black, and pants to match. My favourite piece of underwear is Gossard Body and I shop at places that sell Gossard. If I could afford it I would buy Janet Reger. I usually buy my own, but I suppose I would like somebody else to buy my underwear. Wouldn't we all? I hate Y-Fronts... I like silk boxer shorts on men."

Chris Larner 45, Administration assistant

"I am wearing white, my panties are lacy and my bra is satin. I like to buy my underwear from Contessa and the most I will spend on a single item is about £30. I don't always buy my own underwear. I like the choices my husband makes and I enjoy going outwith him to buy it. He tends to buy sexy underwear. His favourite colour is black. Once my knicker elastic went. I was very discreet, I had a coat on and held them up - if you put your hands in your pockets, you can hold them up."

Katherine Reade 31, Civil servant

"I am wearing white boxer shorts. On women I like black underwear. That's common, isn't it? I enjoy buying my girlfriend's underwear. Once I was put off by a woman who wore red underwear. I hate red underwear."

Konstantinos Chiotis 22, Student

"I wear black or green briefs. I will spend up to £10 on an item. I like Georgio Follini, because his boxers don't have buttons."

Muzerne Meche 27, French student

"I'm wearing black lacy bra and matching briefs. I prefer plunge bras like the Wonderbra. I don't bother with designer underwear because not many people see it, do they?"

Marianne Brook 38, Teacher

"I am wearing blue boxer shorts. I generally buy my own underwear. Sometimes my wife buys something for me, usually practical. I shop at M&S. The most I will spend for myself is £5. I am prepared to spend a lot more on my wife, £40 or £50. I like to buy lacy lingerie for her."

Norman Vickers 38, Civil servant

"I am wearing white Y-Fronts and a vest. My favourite item is Y-Fronts. I keep my underwear until it wears out."

Andrew Richardson 81, Retired

"I think I am wearing blue Y-Fronts. My wife often buys my underwear and I like her choices. The most I will spend on myself is £5 to £10. On my wife I will spend £20 or more because it is less frequent, isn't it?"

Mike Robson 42, Director of training company

"I am wearing white lacy underwear. My favourite piece of underwear is a camisole. I would spend a maximum of £15 on my underwear and I will keep it for as long as it lasts: a year or 18 months. It depends on if it is fancy underwear that I don't wear very often, if you know what I mean - don't quote me."

Mrs B Muir 50s, Housemistress

"I am wearing full white underwear. I usually buy it at Marks & Spencer. The most I would spend is £3 on panties, and on bras, £8. My favourite designer is Gianni Versace. I don't ever go without underwear. I have been put off by someone because they haddirty underwear. I don't like brown underwear."

Satta Maatri 18, At school doing her A-levels

"My boxer shorts are red, white and green stripes. I prefer boxer shorts. I don't shop for underwear, my wife does it. I don't care what she buys: as long as it's a pair of boxer shorts."

Steve Millward 34, Constable, Metropolitan Police

"I have on black, lacy Marks & Spencer mini-briefs. I prefer minis and garters. I love Marks & Spencer's underwear. I love their summer-wear and minis. I am not keen on Y-Fronts. I like boxer shorts; I think they are sexy. I don't like underwire bras. Atsome point you just have to pull the wires out and throw them away."

Allison Grant 22, Student

"I don't like wearing underwear and I don't buy my girlfriend's underwear because I don't have a girlfriend."

Mustapha Atouche 26, French student