Model Minotaur puts shoppers on their mettle

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Conjuring up a myth from scraps of metal is the height of fashion at Camden Lock, writes Lynn Eaton. Jason Truman's 'Warrior' started life as odd bits of checker plate - normally used for manhole covers - and scaffolding before being transformed into a7-ft high monster based on the Minotaur, a mythological bull-headed man which gorged on human flesh.

The artist, who studied industrial design at Barnet college and went on to be a fine art graduate from Manchester Polytechnic, built 'The Warrior' from bits of metal picked up in scrap yards.

Outdoor sculptures by Adam Kops and Tom Grimsey are also being shown on weekdays when the market is closed. They were chosen to breathe new life into the familiar space and surprise visitors. The exhibition organisers hope they will encourage local businesses to offer artists site commissions for similar events. They also have an indoor exhibition room available, which they will consider lending out free in some circumstances.

For more details about exhibiting contact Mark Freeman on 071-284 2084.

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