In the bleak comedy Gridlock'd, Tim Roth and the late Tupac Shakur play a couple of druggies who, when they're not playing in their band, spend their days looking for their next substance-fuelled high. The pair then come across the dead body of their local drug dealer, steal his stash and find themselves hotly pursued by both the police and a pack of determined killers.

As if that wasn't bad enough, a good friend overdoses and ends up in a coma, prompting Shakur and Roth to reconsider their lives: they're going to shake off the law and the posse of irate gangsters, kick the drugs and get clean. Except, of course, life isn't as easy as that. Curtis Hall's warmly received comedy includes a soundtrack of the finest in hip-hop, blues, jazz and swing music, featuring artists such as Donald Byrd, 2Pac and Curtis Mayfield. In association with Polygram Video, The Independent has 20 copies of Gridlock'd to give away to its readers. Please send a postcard with name and address to Independent/Gridlock'd Offer, FFI Beatwax, 18-24 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RH.